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Effective Ways to use Social Media in Public Relations - Bacall Associates

It’s given that social media helps public relations (PR). The birth of social media seem to start in the era of Friendster and Myspace, but the meteoric rise in popularity of social media begins with the introduction of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other newer platforms. It began as a personal use, but several business owners today engage in social media to promote their business.


No wonder why a lot of small and online-based businesses utilize social media for their PR because it is perfect for direct engagement with both customers and the press. Bacall Associates, a boutique PR, marketing and sales support agency, will share a few tips to help you get started.


Create awesome content


Publish an awesome and social-media friendly content that your customers will surely value, share and buy. You should always keep your mind in creating your content. Don’t forget to use easy to share social media buttons on your posts because some don't have the time to copy and paste your content in order to share them.


One example of effective content is using case studies because they are some of the most powerful quantifiers you can use on the web. They provide perspective in the results as well as a clear and concise data. You must present it in the right way to get an emotional response, which can cause engagement and potential sharing. Major media outlets often share case studies provided by companies of many sizes and influence. You may also want to add images or videos to add spice in your content. Publishing good content can be a great help to improve your PR and brand image.


Make your business caught bloggers' attention


Seeking bloggers' coverage can also help you promote your brand. As you may have recently read, the blogosphere is the nexus between social media and PR. Bacall Associates confirmed that social media is also being used by bloggers and are active on those platforms, and many of them are closely monitored by journalists. You can get mentioned by popular bloggers in different ways such as providing your expertise, being a contributor and having your service or product reviewed.


Connect with the press on social media


The Internet has been the home of media these days since they can get a tremendous amount of information from there. Major publications have been using Reddit to source interesting stories while Twitter is being covered by major news outlets by using trends and hashtags. Indeed, social media platforms have become a solid part of journalism.


It'll be fast to connect with the media using social media sites. If you have a good story to cover and proper use of hashtags and social media tagging, you can get a solid media coverage. But remember, you shouldn't abuse the use of hashtags.


Bacall Associates has been involved in this practice for several years now and they are using social media to heighten their influence to their customers. The impact of social media on public relations is undeniably remarkable and brought great change to this practice that helped a lot of businesses worldwide.

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Bacall Associates - Tips in using Social Media to Improve your Marketing Plan

Known for their cost-effective integrated public relations, marketing and sales campaigns, Bacall Associates sees great importance in social media because it serves as a great helping tool to a lot of business owners today. It doesn’t only help you in terms of public relations but can also boost your integrated marketing communication plan.


Remember that a goal without a plan is just a wish. Same goes with your business, it's crucial to have a plan first before you begin communicating with the world about your business. This specific plan is called an integrated marketing communication (IMC) plan. It includes different methods on how to communicate your business along with its products and services to your target audience. During implementation, it can also be an effective guideline for your marketing teams to prevent any internal arguments between stakeholders and to reduce any problems.


Similar to your marketing strategy, this plan continues to evolve and once your communication channels keep on growing, you just need to adjust your plan together with it. Your IMC can utilize several different communication mediums, including advertising, public relations, content marketing and social media. Social media, with its purpose to improve communication, is considered vital to any IMC plan nowadays.


These past few decades, social media has been proven effective to the world of marketing, making it an essential communication channel and a worthwhile source of customer information. Bacall Associates has seen the impact of social media on the following areas, which proved that it could enhance your IMC plan.


Market research                


You can use social media for your market research. Qualitative and quantitative market research are significant for an integrated marketing communications plan. You can use these sections as a guide for your strategy and tactics as well as identifying your target audience. It is often difficult to gather data on these sections, that’s why the introduction of social media has been a great help to a lot of business owners worldwide. Social media contains a plethora of social media data that can be used to discover detailed information about your target audience. You can also gather qualitative data through focus group-like questions.


Public relations


Using social media to drive public relations could also be an advantage to you. In the past, once a news break out, public relation pros are required to send emails, faxes, and make phone calls to update the reporters that their client is available to make a comment. Today, social media has lessened the stress of PR pros because it provides easy access and great convenience to them. You can achieve relevance and speed with social media, that’s why it’s now possible to get a comment out within minutes of the news breaking. It's important that your audience lives on social media and that your sources are connected to them.




You can also advertise your brand using social media. It's evident that there's a massive change in the world of advertising today because of social media. Social media advertising has been around for a short period of time. Not surprisingly, business owners put big advertising budgets on social media because of its ability to specifically target your audience, easily measure your social media advertising ROI, and quickly make changes to your ads. Bacall Associates claims that it is now the right time to include social media in your advertising strategy and budget.


Reporting on your integrated marketing communication (IMC) plan    


Using social media analytics to report on your IMC plan is also feasible. Because of the rise of social media analytics tools, it's important that you also include the data available in these tools even if there are already many different ways where you can report on your IMC plan. Social media analytics helps you gather data from blogs and social media websites and could analyze that data to make business decisions.


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Richard Isaacs MD: Business Journal names "Healthiest Employers" winners

Richard Isaacs MD: Business Journal names "Healthiest Employers" winners

Attendees at the Healthiest Employers 2011 awards luncheon walk around the exhibitors area before the awards.


Five Sacramento-area companies won top honors at a luncheon Friday for theie employee health and wellness efforts. Rood & Dax Advanced Insurance Services Inc. of Sacramento won in the micro category (10 – 50 employees).


Dr. Richards Isaacs accepts a Healtiest Employers award on behalf of Kaiser Permanente Northern California. Kaiser won in the mega category (10, 000-plus employees). The health care nonprofit, which has made healthy living a central message in its advertising years, has had a wellness program since 2002.

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Mossack Fonseca: Malta Refuses to Cede Tax Sovereignty

Mossack Fonseca - In response to the European Commission’s (EC) new anti-tax avoidance package that addresses base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS), Malta’s Finance Minister, Edward Scicluna, insists that his country will not cede tax sovereignty to the EC. Malta will resist any attempt by the EC to reduce sovereignty over its own fiscal affairs, he pledged.

BEPS refers to tax planning strategies that exploit gaps and mismatches in tax rules to artificially shift profits to low or no-tax locations where there is little or no economic activity, resulting in little or no overall corporate tax being paid.


In rebuttal to the EC’s anti-tax avoidance package, Minister Scicluna made the following points:

- Malta is not ready to accept any form of tax harmonisation or any changes to their tax system. He considers this a “red line” that no one will be allowed to cross.
- Malta condemns tax evasion, and is therefore ready to cooperate to reach an agreement that will enhance tax transparency and improve the exchange of tax-related information between EU member states.
- Malta’s relatively low taxation rates in and of themselves shouldn’t be considered an abusive, harmful or unjust practice―there is nothing wrong with better tax planning―which mustn’t be confused with tax evasion.
- Malta won’t be alone in its fight against proposed tax harmonisation―other European countries, including the United Kingdom, share a similar stance.


The Minister went on to say that he has already used the threat of a veto to force the EC to modify certain clauses within the BEPS proposal, including a phrase that proposes “a common but flexible approach”.

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Panama Jazz Festival 2016 on Mossack Fonseca

Mossack Fonseca apoyando al talento nacional mediante nuestro patrocinio a la Fundación Danilo Pérez, se hizo presente en el concierto de clausura de la semana del Panama Jazz Festival con un puesto en Ciudad del Saber.

Con cientos de visitas, nuestro “stand” fue todo un éxito. En el mismo ofreciamos a todos los clientes, amigos y familiares que se detenían para compartir con nosotros, tomarse un selfie y disfrutar de una botella de agua, bebidas rehidratantes o incluso llevarse uno de los exclusivos abanicos personalizados con nuestro logo para combatir el radiante sol de verano. Nuestros amigos de MIPS tambíen dijeron presente en este evento con sus familias.

Agradecemos en especial a todos los voluntarios que con su esfuerzo hicieron esto posible. Visit our linkedin page at https://www.linkedin.com/company/mossack-fonseca-&-co-

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Panama Named Best Place to Retire in 2016 by Mossack Fonseca

International Living has once again published their survey and Panama was at the top of the list for places to retire in the world.


In Panama, a retired American couple can live on the beach and eat farmer’s market fruits and vegetables all year-round, without sacrificing the conveniences and amenities of home for $1,500 a month — all in.


The cost of living is low compared to the quality of life in Panama, which is why the Central American country was named the best place to retire in International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index for 2016.


Already home to 50,000 US expats, Panama topped the index after raking in top scores across 10 categories including: buying and renting property, visas and residence, cost of living, environment and amenities, health care, infrastructure, and climate.


The list was compiled after consulting a team of correspondents, editors and retirees around the world.


New this year, voters were also asked to weigh in on two added categories which have emerged as important issues for expat retirees: healthy lifestyle and visas and residence.


Couples interviewed for the index raved about their new life in Panama, where the sweet life is described as not only cheaper, but simpler and stress-free.


“We’re healthier and living a better lifestyle here than we ever did in the U.S.,” says expat Mitzi Martain, who has lived on her farm near Santa Fe, Panama for nearly the last nine years.


Added Connie and Mikkel Moller who have been in Panama since 2012: “Our stress level is 10 percent of what it used to be.”


Utilities are a fraction of what retirees are used to paying back in the US, clocking in at around $100 a month for electricity, water, internet, cellphone cards, and trash pickup and allowing renters to live happily on $1,500 a month.


That can be slashed by up to half for couples who own their own property.


“In Panama’s capital I have the best of both worlds,” said IL Panama Editor Jessica Ramesch.


“There’s a growing cultural and arts scene…opera showcases, art exhibit openings and handicraft festivals… [And] there are so many new restaurants every week, I stopped trying to keep track.”


Here are the top 10 places to retire according to International Living’s Global Retirement Index 2016:

1. Panama
2. Ecuador
3. Mexico
4. Costa Rica
5. Malaysia
6. Colombia
7. Thailand
8. Nicaragua
9. Spain
10. Portugal 

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Mossack Fonseca Blogger Influencer Week Promotes Copyright Protection in Panama

The First Blogger Influencer Week Will Take Place from 27th February to 5th March 2016


PANAMA CITY, PANAMA--(Marketwired - December 01, 2015) - The Intellectual Property Division of the Mossack Fonseca Group will take part in the first Blogger Influencer Week as a leading company promoting the importance of a blog's content registration and copyright protection.


The organizers mainly seek to develop opportunities to enhance Panama as a tourist and business platform by promoting the talent of the most recognized, respected, and influential national and international bloggers.


"Panama City will once again play a leading role in an avant-garde event that is full of innovation with the first Blogger Influencer Week. As a leading company in our industry, we support these kinds of initiatives for the purpose of communicating and sharing the importance of copyright registration and protection," stated the head of the Mossack Fonseca Intellectual Property Division, Ms. Raquel Araúz.


Ms. Araúz added that they have expanded their suite of services, aka Multiple Intellectual Property Services (MIPS), to guarantee the complete protection of trademarks, patents, and copyrights-thereby avoiding the counterfeiting and imitation of their clients' products and services, both nationally and internationally.


The first Blogger Influencer Week will take place from 27th February to 5th March 2016 with various events to be held in the Republic of Panama. For more information regarding MIPS, please follow @mossfonmips in twitter using hashtag #CuidaTusIdeas.



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